The New Economy of Work

We’ve moved from how to escape from your corporate career, to how to tell if your company is going under, to how to deal when your industry implodes, to how to write a marketing piece instead of a resume, all the way to giving up on the job search and counting on self as the only sure thing.  And we’ve done this in what – 8 months?   If you’re feeling a little like “deer in the headlights,” you’re not alone.   Moving from what was to the reality of what is makes the difference.  There’s no more HR Department.  There’s no direct deposit, there hadn’t been a new resume in a decade, and it’s time to get with the Program.  If you are a mid-career person who is completely lost as to what’s next, the first thing to do is focus on what you know, and even more importantly, who you know.  The new power may not be your paycheck (ha! what paycheck, right?) but instead, it’s the power of who you know, and how you contribute to the development of a community to support your efforts going forward.  Collaboration holds the key to success in the new economy of work.

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