Are You Desirable?

Maybe you are to those in your life.  Aquaintance, sibling, spouse, significant other, friend, lover – to those who know you – are one heck of a desirable ___________ (you pick the role.)  But what about that changes when you’re looking for work?  Just about everything.  When you are presenting yourself as a job candidate, free-lancer, contract worker, consultant, or otherwise, how desirable you are is an unknown.  It is up to you to create a compelling enough reason for the person you want to hire you to have reason to put you in the yes vs. the round file.  What are the reasons that you had for buying your last laptop, car, cool jeans, or toy for your kid (or yourself)?  Odds are because of the presentation of the merchandise and the latest buzz made whatever it was desirable enough for you to say YES.   It is no less important for you to create a level of desirablility in how you present yourself to compel the hiring guy or gal to say YES.

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