Congratulations, You’re Promoted!

These days, people are exposed to more news and media outlets than ever before. No wonder it is hard to make some noise in this hugely crowded world of information. If there ever was a reason for blowing your own horn, the time is now. Whether you are an employee in a gigantic corporation, a business owner launching a new product…/service, reaching the eyes and ears of people who should know about you and what you do is critical. This is all well and good. Nothing wrong with a little self-promotion right? But when does it become a little icky? When someone crosses the line, and becomes too much of a walking billboard of news that frankly, becomes annoying. There is a fine line between self-promotion being effective vs. annoying. For more information on making self-promotion successful, read my interview in the Philadelphia Inquirer, posted today. And for more information on handling work and life situations with success, check out

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